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I Have Brittle Asthma. Everyday can be a battle to breath and survive. This is a space to share, rant and come to terms with my everyday challenges and thoughts.

Finding A Wedding Venue

on October 20, 2017

So we are getting married! Mike’s brother is getting married in 2018 so we had to get married in 2019 at the earliest. I wanted a summer Saturday wedding, I decided 20th July as would be 5 years to the day of our first date. We had decided we wanted a safari honeymoon and our original favourite venue was Bristol Zoo to fit in with the honeymoon. Advice always go to other places including different styles and different price ranges and then you know what you fit best into and what you can get for your money! So spreadsheet out and compare prices.

Cumberwell Park- This was the first venue we went to and liked it but was very much this is the room, this is it.

Bristol Zoo- Lovely venue but too close to the zoo and the people, walking around for photos in the height of summer we would not be comfortable. It was a real shame

Bowood Hotel- we went in thinking we couldn’t afford it and when the sums were done we could so was marked high on the like.

Homewood Park- This was the venue I wanted to get married as a child. We got a quote before we went and knew we couldn’t afford it but looking around we loved the bedrooms but not the room you get married in

Wick Farm- We hadn’t thought of a barn wedding but this was a different style we thought was worth a look. They were setting up for a wedding and we liked the style of it but was too expensive.

Widbrook Grange- This was my mums choice but we went there and with our numbers it was a squeeze. Not for us!

Guyers House- Too many little rooms and expensive for what you got

Matara- We feel in love with this venues main room but when we went there they pushed the outside parts and we decided it wasn’t for us

Beechfield House- We were shown around here not thinking we would like it and we like the room and liked the hotel.

Priston Mill- This place has 2 venues a watermill and Barn. we loved them both but the watermill fitted better in with our numbers and was unique

Advice: Go back a second time with others

We had arranged with Bowood and Priston Mill to go back for a second time. last minute we changed it to Beechfield house. Our parents came and seeing each venue a second time we had differently feelings about it and cleared our minds that we wanted to get married at The Watermill, Prison Mill. Now booked and deposit paid for!



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