Fighting for Breath

I Have Brittle Asthma. Everyday can be a battle to breath and survive. This is a space to share, rant and come to terms with my everyday challenges and thoughts.

Life is Good

3 months since my last blog post, wow part of me didn’t think there was anything to say and part of me is scared to say things are good, through fear of being a fluke and part of me didn’t want to say things were good as I know friends have been struggling.

Asthma, I haven’t been in hospital now for 16 weeks, yes I have had bad days but on the whole I have found a new lease of life. I have been seeing a psychologist and he has been helping me change my mindset over asthma, he has made me adjust my thinking to be less of the medical side and more of life but also to stop being stubborn and take my inhaler earlier before things get to needing nebs. Now most normal days I don’t use a neb. People ask what I think has caused this sudden improvement and I don’t know, part of me now is the change of mindset, maybe the weather or maybe Mike gives me a reason to stay well. I am now in uncharted water and this scares me, the comfort of knowing roughly when to be in made is easier, but now I am living abit more with the worry about when it will come. I am still thinking one day it will come. In the mean time I am too busy to get sick so will carry on!

With the improvement of the amount of time I spend in hospital I have decided to start work again and have been offered a casual job that after a bit of a battle due to not working for some time I start my training on Monday. This is a step Forward in life and me and Mike have a plan on when I should be moving in but being casual job it will give me a chance to work up the hours to be able to hold down a proper job.

Me and Mike are happy, we are secure, he has been my happy pill and helped me, yes I do still have meltdowns but we cope, he keeps me safe. I enjoy every moment with him, and miss him the moments Im not with him.

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